Saturday, April 11, 2015

Explore Purbeck hills.

Dorset in southern England.

Corfe Castle. The views from the top of the Pubeck Hills.

The Purbeck Hill landscape on the opposite side of the viewpoint.

The village of Kingston with the present church building standing on the site (became disused and is now a private residence).

The village pub dates from 1787. Originally it was known as the ‘New Inn’. Its name was changed to the Eldon Arms in the early 19th century. After the Second World War the name was changed to The Scott Arms.

The Purbeck Hills, also called the Purbeck Ridge. Creech Barrow Hill.

Creech is an Anglo-Saxon word for a hill of a particular abrupt pointed sort.
The name of the hill means "hill" three times. "Creech" is derived from the Celtic crich = hill and "barrow" from the Saxon for "mound".

The view over the Purbeck valley.

Some of the ridge, around the village of Tyneham, near Lulworth, has been closed to the public for use by the army as a firing range.

Primrose (англ.) При́мула обыкнове́нная (лат. Primula vulgaris).

Upton - Wareham - Swanage - Langton Matravers - via Corfe Castle - Church Knowle village - Creech - Lulworth - Coombe Keynes - Holme for Gardens - Wareham - Upton.

- History of a Dorset hilltop.

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