Sunday, April 12, 2015

Caught In The Headlights.

Cozy Little House: Caught In The Headlights:
"You are never the same. Not after months. Not after years. Something has been taken from you and you will never get it back. And so you live your life on the periphery. You go out as infrequently as possible. You stretch the groceries because you just can't bear the thought of going out there.

And when you're in the grocery store you are on edge. You are peering sideways at everyone who walks past. Because you have lost the ability to be like them. You hope no stranger speaks to you. And when someone comes up behind you, and, being merely friendly, tells you the fudge recipe is on the back of another brand, not the one you're holding, they might as well have said there is a gunman on aisle 2.

There was a time when I would turn to them and smile and say something witty. I was good at it. But small talk now eludes me. Sucked into the vortex. Yes, I know what she means.

Here's all I know: if you haven't walked in someone's shoes, then you damned well better not judge them as though you have. Enough said."

"My favorite time to be indoors is when it rains. Rain soothes my soul."

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