Sunday, June 4, 2017

English Roses in my garden.

Iceberg/Fée des Neiges and Schneewittchen/Rosa 'Schneewittchen' is a white floribunda rose cultivar bred by Kordes in Germany in 1958.


Graham Thomas. English Rose - bred by David Austin.

Cherry and ricotta tart. Allotment's Strawberry!

"What is it about age and gardening which seem to complement each other?
For me, one obvious link is simple: patience.
Older people seem to be more able to slow down and notice the finer details in life.
Nurturing a seed from a speck of dust into a mature plant takes time and persistence – two qualities that can be in short supply in our modern lives.
We live in a world where there are an excessive number of distractions and people often seem to expect instant gratification."
From: I’m 35 and I love gardening. Deal with it | Life and style | The Guardian.

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