Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Live and let live.

- No raw food after 4pm – it’s better to eat salads for lunch when your metabolism is fired up and the stomach is better equipped to digest foods.
- Chew, chew and chew to produce the enzymes needed to break down food.
- Steer clear of processed foods, which lose nutritional value when heat-processed and often contain chemical additives.
- Listen to your body: all too often the warning signs are ignored. If you have indigestion after eating a particular food then avoid it.
- Hands off! Stop touching your face – hands can be filthy, transferring dirt and acne-causing bacteria from place to place. Clean hands will help keep your skin clear and congestion free.
- The key to a healthy glow and losing weight is simple: eat less, exercise more and go to bed early.
- Live and let live. The most important rule is to concentrate on you and do what feels right for your body.
/Make-up artist and Burberry Beauty Artistic Consultant Wendy Rowe./

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