Monday, June 20, 2016

Why Does My Blog Load So Slowly?

Why Does My Blog Load So Slowly? | Rabbut - Your blog posts, emailed.

- Choose a size that won’t end up pixilated when it’s displayed on the web — an image with a 20–50 KB file size is more than enough.

- Make your header’s image file size within 20–50KB (just like your blog’s background image) and make sure it doesn’t appear pixilated once it’s displayed.
This will make the banner display much faster and load the rest of the page quicker.

- Gadgets, or widgets - ads put more “weight” on a blog’s performance.

- If you have no idea which gadgets or ad is dragging your site’s performance down, research some online tools to test how fast it takes to “ping” each “add-on.” A wonderful tool that can help you test that is Pingdom Speed Test.

- Where Do I Get Images for My Blog? | Rabbut - Your blog posts, emailed.

5 Ways to Make Your Blogger Blog Load Faster - Designer Blogs
- Limit the number of posts on the front home page of your blog!
- Display expandable post summaries on the home page!
- Resize images before uploading them to your blog!
- Get rid of clutter!
- Minimize the number of html/javascript gadgets and/or move them to the bottom of the blog! Do not use JavaScripts at the top of your blog!

Before starting to improve page speed, check your website performance & your current loading time on these following speed anlysis tools:
Google’s PageSpeed Insights:

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