Saturday, June 4, 2016

A food-writing prescription to cure clean-eating.

A food-writing prescription to cure clean-eating | The Millers Tale
Please don’t be afraid of food and don’t be afraid of your appetites.
Shop for ingredients when you need them, cut down on food miles where possible and learn to scratch-cook using fresh and seasonal ingredients where possible.
This is good food, not clean food.
If you want to learn how to take greater pleasure in what you cook and eat then I’ve compiled a reading list by authors whose love of life is expressed in the way they write about food.
If eating has become a bit of a minefield, their words might help you see how rigid boundaries and self-denial can suck all the pleasure out of life.

- Rachel Roddy’s spaghetti with lemon recipe | Kitchen sink tales | Life and style | The Guardian

- Through the Kitchen Window by Hill, Susan; Illustrated by Angela Barrett: Hamish Hamilton, London 9780241113509 Hardback, 1st Edition - Alexander's Books

- Sugar High: Baking the Perfect Coconut Cake - Vogue
…”girolle mushrooms, apricot-coloured and apricot-scented, with fan vaulting below the cap, as in some ancient cathedral.”

- Welcome To Simple Cooking!
Thorne (John Thorne is a culinary writer born in Quincy, Massachusetts, who has written a number of best-selling books on gastronomy.) reminds us that everything is new to someone and his down to earth essays reacquaint us with the familiar, encouraging the reader to see it in a fresh manner.

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