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Tiny House UK.

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Tiny Homes UK builds wooden homes of up to 24 sq m that sell for about £25,000 to £40,000.
Flexible planning regulations have led to a surge of micro homes in England as developers cash in on the housing crisis.

Graduates and first-time buyers are flocking to buy tiny homes that can range from 12 to 30 sq m and contain everything in one open-plan room, apart from a tiny separate bathroom. One development has even squeezed a two-bedroom flat with two shower rooms into 29 sq m.

Young professionals keen to get away from mum and dad like the low cost — less than £160,000 in central London — and think that living in a Tokyo-style capsule is pretty cool.

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Fitting neatly in to many gardens it offers enough space to be practical for a large number of uses.
Despite it’s ample size in many cases we may even be able to install a Glide Pod in your garden without the need for planning permission.

- Is the tiny house movement a 'big lie'? : TreeHugger
There's also the elephant in the tiny room that people need to talk more about: how to concretely tackle the broader crisis of unaffordable housing, beyond building one's own mortgage-free tiny home. With wages stagnating against rising costs of living, real estate prices, rents, and rampant speculation in urban centers, many younger Millennials can only dream of owning a home like their parents. Some may argue tiny homes represent a kind of "poverty appropriation," but the economic inequality between the wealthy and the middle-class is growing, and the recent popularity of tiny homes are but a symptom of this very real problem.

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