Friday, March 25, 2016

Good Friday 2016.

Holy Week is being observed by Christians around the world from 20 to 26 March this year, which commemorates with Jesus Christ's entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.
This was followed by his Last Supper along with his Apostles on Maundy Thursday and then, he was crucified on what the Church refers to as Good Friday.

Mentioned below is the significance of the occasion as mentioned in the Holy Bible:
The cross: A symbol of love.
While the crucifix symbolises the pain and suffering that Jesus was put through, it is also one of the strongest Christian symbols of redemptive love. Considering he was the Son of God, and could have sidestepped the abuse, humiliation and physical pain he encountered before he died, he chose instead to bear all of it and make sacrifice himself to save the world from sin.
Good Friday traditions:
Considered a day of mourning, the day is spent fasting and praying.
Churches are often left unlit and the alters are left completely bare.
Figures of Jesus are also covered with cloth, to be removed only on Easter, to indicate his absence.

- It's Easter weekend! But what are we celebrating on Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday?

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