Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Chair Is A Killer!

The Chair Is A Killer – The Truth About Exercise | One Minute Runner
This BBC documentary about exercise digs deep into the facts about exercise. Facts that most people would raise eyebrows before even thinking of believing them.

Michael Mosley takes us into his personal journey in his quest for the truth about exercise, these are some of the facts he stumbled upon and shared with us all

1) The Chair Is A Killer – This is the last message of the movie but I put it first here because this is one hell of an inconvenient truth.
One of the most comfortable posture the humans have ever discovered (sitting) turns out to be an act of killing our selves softly?

2) Running isn’t always the best for everyone – Aside from the fact that Michael needed to jog 55 minutes to burn off a meal of 1 banana, 1 cup cake and a cup of coffee, you will also learn from this movie the term Non-responders.
Non-Responders are group of people who inherited the type of genes that doesn’t benefit from the good effects of exercises.

3) 12 minutes a month? – Yes, 12 minutes of exercise a month could bring great benefits to ones health.
Because of its high intensity, this exercise is not for everyone, you are cautioned to consult your doctor first before doing this.
Those who are allowed to do so, performs this High Intensity exercise in blocks of 20 seconds.
Michael bikes hard for 20 seconds, takes a rest, repeats it two more times and thats it, a total of only 60 seconds workout for the day.
He does this 3 times a week totaling 3 minutes and therefore 12 minutes for 4 weeks (1 month).

4) Non-Exercise Activities can be a better option – Dr. James Levine, an obesity expert works with Michael and two more volunteers to experiment on improving their daily living activities as an option to loose weight and improve health.

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