Saturday, May 16, 2015


East Creech | Dorset Life - The Dorset Magazine:
"Looming above, at 634 feet above sea level, Creech Barrow Hill is my all-time favourite place-name and viewpoint.
Three times its name says the same thing – ‘Creech’ is from crich, the Celtic word for hill, ‘Barrow’ from the Saxon for mound, and with ‘Hill’ itself in our own currency, ‘Hill-Hill-Hill’ is the translation.
The Creech element is a particular rarity, as only a dozen Celtic place-names have been traced in Dorset.
Criz of the Domesday Book and crich of 1280 derive from the Old English cryc.
Conical in shape, Creech Barrow looks like an extinct volcano, but its origins are relatively recent.
This uplifted section of strata comprising clay, gravel and sand was raised along with adjacent chalklands by a collision of tectonic plates as Africa collided with Europe.
Creech Barrow is just high enough to peek over the chalk ridge of the Purbeck Hills.
It is an intimate view of Purbeck: from Lulworth to Shell Bay with a glimpse of Corfe Castle and the whole sweep of the heath northwards to the River Frome, Wareham and beyond.
It is and was a classic viewpoint."

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