Saturday, January 17, 2015

И расцвел...ирис!

Для тех, кто помнит, я сажала луковичные 21 сент. - 2014.
- Карликовый Ирис - Iris danfordiae (желтенький) и Iris reticulata 'Harmony'(голубой)- цветут в феврале.
Желтые ирисы кто-то поел, возможно букашки были и в луковицах...жаль!
А вот голубенькие карлики зацвели!
Moreover, Iris histrioides is also remarkably weather-proof thanks to its provenance - mountain slopes at 1,500 metres in northern Turkey. I first saw it flower years ago in a bulb field in western Holland, where it made a colourful blue splash against the monotonous backcloth of grey sandy soil under a grey winter sky. The flowers are completely unaffected by snow and frost and seeing them poking through a blanket of fresh snow is a joy.
They do not need to be dug up after flowering, as Iris danfordiae may, but can be left until really congested unless you wish to increase your stock of flowers.

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