Saturday, September 28, 2013

VW campervans.

VW campervans: Health and safety rule changes in Brazil stop production of 1960s iconic vehicle | Mail Online:
"The original vans were called Type 2, following on from Volkswagen’s first offering the Type 1, which is better known nowadays as the Beetle.
VW has produced more than 10 million Volkswagen camper vans globally since the model was introduced 63 years ago in Germany.
In Brazil it’s known as the ‘Kombi’, an abbreviation for the German ‘Kombinationsfahrzeug’ that loosely translates as ‘cargo-passenger van’.
Production in the UK stopped in 1967 but continued in South America, and Brazil is the only country in the world still manufacturing Type 2 campervans.
The van made an appearance on Bob Dylan and Beach Boys record album covers.
Steve Jobs is said to have sold his van in the 1970s to buy a circuit board as he built a computer that helped launch Apple.
The vehicle became a must-have on the California surf scene because its cavernous interior was perfect for carrying boards.
Volkswagen means ‘people’s car’ in German and is currently the third largest carmaker in the world.
The company was founded in 1937 in Germany to provide an affordable new car for the masses.
One firm will fit an engine from a Porsche 911 to a van for £127,000
Vans that cost around £850 in the 1960s can now fetch as much as £13,000"
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